Map of approaches, policies and tools for Territorial RRI

Map of Approaches, Policies and Tools for Territorial RRI Based on an analysis of the two inventories of bottom-up governance innovation practices and RRI governance innovation practices, a Map of Approaches, Policies and Tools for Territorial RRI has been drafted. This was put together by K&I and can be used for designing and implementing TeRRItoria’s … Read more

What is Responsible Research and Innovation?

Definition of Responsible Research and Innovation The European Commission defines Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) as an approach that anticipates and assesses potential implications and societal expectations with regard to research and innovation, with the aim to foster the design of inclusive and sustainable research and innovation. RRI is used in Horizon 2020 program to … Read more

Kick-off meeting in Strasbourg

Project start in Strasbourg The European Science Foundation organized the Kick-Off meeting of the TeRRItoria project during the 27th and the 28th of February 2019. The meeting was attended by all the partners and by a representative of the European Commission. It was confirmed the relevance of the project to concretely operationalise Responsible Research and … Read more

Taking Stock of RRI in 5 EU Territories

One of TeRRItoria’s key ambitions is to enable our five territorial partners to develop a deeper understanding of how RRI is and could be relevant within their own context, and use that understanding to leverage their own thinking and leadership capacities to further the integration of RRI principles into the territorial contexts. The mapping process … Read more

Inventory of 43 RRI Governance Innovation Practices

Inventory of 43 RRI Governance Innovation Practices In 2017-2018, the project “Big Picnic” organised dozens of co-created outreach exhibitions in, among other venues, botanical gardens. The purpose of this was to establish public debate on food security issues and allow participants to share their views on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in this field with … Read more

TeRRItoria and the Use of Bottom-Up Governance Innovation Practices

TeRRItoria and the Use of Bottom-Up Governance Innovation Practices What do technological education in Mexico, renewable energy on a remote Scottish island, and waste management in Bangladesh have in common? As it happens, all of these examples are things that TeRRItoria can draw inspiration in the coming months when crafting the five “transformative experiments” the project will implement.  In order to complete its mapping of governance innovation … Read more

TeRRItoria among RRI projects present at the SeeRRI workshop

TERRITORIA was among the EU-funded RRI-related projects who had been invited at the SeeRRI workshop “Building Self-Sustaining Research and Innovation Ecosystems in Europe though Responsible Research and Innovation”, held in Bologna on September 2019. The Workshop convened several EU funded projects on RRI, territory management and environmental issues with the aim to share experiences and … Read more