Innovation tested by territories: Co-Creation, collaborative agenda and responsible research

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Innovation tested by territories: co-creation, collaborative agenda and responsible research

Last 16 June, our Italian project partner ART-ER organised a webinar which dealt with the topics of co-creation, collaborative agenda and responsible research. The event, organised in the TeRRItoria project background, saw scientific, technical and political contributions on models of co-creation, collaboration in a quadruple helix, activation of participatory agendas and how these tools can be useful for regional planning. The comparison between two regions (Catalonia and Emilia Romagna) has made it possible to understand how much Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) represents an innovative interpretation for innovation policies oriented towards Sustainable Development, which is fair and which takes into account elements of sharing choices with citizens and other actors.

For the Emilia-Romagna Region, the event was also a moment of presentation of the path that will lead to the creation of guidelines on these issues in order to evaluate the possibility of including some elements in the implementation tools and in the regional operational programs.

The event was organized in collaboration with two other projects: SISCODE and TRANSFORM.

Below you can re-watch the entire event (in Italian).

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