Inventory of 43 RRI Governance Innovation Practices

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Deliverable 3.2 represents an inventory of 43 RRI Governance Innovation Practices (RRIGIPs), detected in RRI projects conducted in Europe and beyond. This inventory has been created within the context of TeRRItoria EU project (WP3, Task 3.2) and with the aim to identify innovating RRIGIPs, which can provide valuable insights for designing and implementing the five Transformative Experiments foreseen by the project. Moving a step further from the scope of these experiments, this deliverable also draws valuables conclusions that resemble a set of suggestions and can be employed as such, for aiding European actors in further and more genuinely integrating an efficient RRI uptake in their organizational mechanisms.

The aforementioned RRI practices have been selected within a solid thematic and theoretical framework and through a thorough methodological procedure. This procedure has been comprised of four complementary to each other stages, where from the initial 80 projects, the final 15 projects and corresponding 43 practices were placed in the inventory.  These projects and corresponding practices referred to the different RRI keys (Gender Equality, Science Education, Public Engagement etc.) as well as to the RRI unified approach (or ‘RRI package’), where there is a comprehensive package of measures that aim to integrate RRI holistically and without an explicit focus on a specific key (or keys). A qualitative, reflexive thematic research approach was also employed, so as to analyses the 43 practices even further and detect patterns and regularities in the data collected i.e. in the practices promoting RRI. This process actually helped in minimally organizing and at the same time describing in rich detail the data compiled and the emerging patterns.

After the analysis and during the final fourth stage, a new synthesis emerged with the conclusions referring to the patterns and trends/tendencies in the implementation practices of the various RRI keys. Some examples can be, for instance, that in relation to the RRI unified approach there are the theory-oriented and the practice-oriented approaches. In the former category, a usual procedure is the investigation of the current RRI situation in a specific field (conducting a literature review, examining RRI discourse) or the creation of an exemplar implementation plan or an RRI framework (e.g. the RESPONSIBLE INDUSTRY framework). In the latter case, various RRI-related experiments and action plans actually take place, resulting in new governance structures and in institutional transformations in the engaged RFPOs (e.g. FIT4RRI, FOTRRIS). An additional example refers to the key of Gender Equality, where all the RFPOs aiming to establish gender equality within their organizations develop context-based Gender Equality Plans, that are accompanied by various co-creation practices and usually result in the creation of toolkits with inspiring examples (e.g. EQUAL-IST)  or in various sets of policies and guidelines (e.g. STAGES guidelines).

Some broader conclusions after encountering the creation of Deliverable 3.2 and of the RRIGIP inventory as a holistic procedure, was undoubtedly that RRI aims at reflexive societies and is always context-dependent; hence the need for developing self-tailored RRI plans and profiles, based on each organization’s structures and needs.

You can find the inventory of the 43 RRI Governance Innovation Practices (BUGIPs) by clicking here.

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