Strentex: integration of the gender dimension in a project

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Strentex: integration of the gender dimension in a project

On the 30th June Prof. George Eleftherakis from the South East European Centre (SEERC), delivered an online presentation during the webinar “How is gender dimension integrated into a project?”, organized within the context of the STRENTEX project (Horizon 2020, WIDESPREAD-04-2019: ERA Chairs) and coordinated by the University of Novi Sad.

Prof. Eleftherakis talked about the topic of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) and highlighted their importance within EU and the upcoming Horizon Europe. He further argued on already established strategies regarding Gender Equality in 2020-2030. The presentation included different relevant issues to Gender Equality within research organizations and EC funded projects, which usually constitute the main grounds for implementing GEPs. The presentation further addressed pivotal points concerning the creation of GEPs and the integration of the gender dimension within the R&I content. The importance of learning from others during the preparatory stages and the design processes of GEPs was also pinpointed, and further information concerning relevant and gender-related activities from other EU projects was presented. In more details, there was a reference to TeRRItoria and WBC-RRI.NET projects (Horizon 2020), and their work conducted so far and planned for the foreseeable future Drawing on TeRRItoria, there was a focus on the experiment in the Region of Central Macedonia (RCM) regarding the creation of a GEP that was developed by SEERC and the Authority of RCM under a co-creation strategy and the engagement of multiple stakeholders. Lastly, different strategic areas in the GEP of the region were explained in detail.

Overall, the webinar triggered a fruitful discussion on the Gender Equality dimension and potential, and gave all interested parties and relevant actors the opportunity to get inspired by previous work and collective experience in order to create and implement related initiatives.

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