TeRRItoria joined the final conference of NewHoRRIzon

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TeRRItoria joined the final conference of NewHoRRIzon

On the 20th of May, the TeRRItoria participated in a Virtual poster session, held within the context of the NewHoRRIzon Final Conference. The session was dedicated to ongoing RRI projects and their initiatives/activities, which were presented during a virtual poster exhibition through separate breakout rooms. Each project was represented by a corresponding consortium member, who delivered a presentation highlighting their project’s main aspects.

TeRRItoria was represented by Prof. George Eleftherakis, from the South-East European Centre (SEERC). One of TeRRItoria’s transformative experiments involves initiating various co-creation procedures under the RRI framework to develop a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) in the Region of Central Macedonia (RCM), Greece. During TeRRitoria’s poster presentation, the project’s aims towards introducing and implementing RRI principles and keys at a regional and local level and in Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) stakeholders were discussed. The poster and corresponding presentation also drew attention to the goals of developing territorial RRI capacities under co-creation experiments within 5 different territories – while further introducing concrete and measurable institutional changes in their R&I systems.

Prof. Eleftherakis focused on the experiment in the Region of Central Macedonia, (RCM) and on the development of a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) in the region’s R&I field. The RCM experiment also served as a theme in the project’s poster during the virtual session and exhibition. The challenges detected in regards to gender equality in the region became drivers towards transformation and inclusiveness. In detail, it was specified that the GEP addresses the hiring procedures for the R&I staff at both academic and industry level, the glass ceiling issue in R&I, the gender wage gap and the need for stronger engagement of females in STEM (particularly ICT). Concurrently, the GEP will contribute to the battle against stereotypes towards all minority/vulnerable groups.

The GEP was co-designed and emerged as a product of TeRRItoria’s co-operation with Quadruple Helix stakeholders including citizens, as well as within the context of the collaboration between the Authority of RCM and SEERC. Finally, the presentation accompanying the poster outlined the possible areas of intervention/strategic areas in the GEP, focusing on: female career progression, gender-aware science, confronting social and cultural stereotypes, projection of female role models, gender-neutrality (and gender-sensitivity), institutional language in communication and dissemination, work-life balance, sexual harassment and gender-based violence and finally, awareness raising on gender issues. The virtual poster session provided the opportunity for several RRI and ‘sister’ projects to meet in the same ‘space’ and exchange experiences and motivating ideas. Other projects that participated in the poster session were: Co-CHANGE, On-MERRIT, RiskGONE, SeeRRI, SocKETs, SuperMoRRI, tetRRIs Project, TRANSFORM, DigiTERRI, TERRIFICA. The inspiring work they have been conducting within the #RRI framework was also displayed on their posters. 

Events similar to this one provides valuable opportunities for the exchange of ideas. Furthermore, they contribute to creating a pan-European network and further raising and discussing pan-European issues of utmost importance.

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