TeRRItoria partner SEERC organising track in ETHICOMP 2021

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TeRRItoria partner SEERC organising track in ETHICOMP 2021

TeRRItoria consortium member SEERC are organising a track (that is to say, a call for papers on a particular topic) at ETHICOMP 2021. ETHICOMP is a series of conferences which has taken place roughly every 18 months since its establishment in 1995.  It brings together scholars and technologists to discuss computer ethics, looking at the topic through philosophical, professional, and practical lenses.

The track proposed relates to Responsible Research and Innovation and we would like to encourage RRI practitioners to consider submitting a paper in response to it. Please see its title and full description below:

Technology Readiness Level and Public Engagement: Fact or Myth?

With the ability of STI (Science, Technology, Innovation) to produce both benefit and harm and the consequently increasing feelings of mistrust on behalf of society, various initiatives attempt to align the development of scientific and technological products to society’s expectations and ethical codes. Present frameworks and concepts (including Responsible Research and Innovation/RRI) employ a socio-constructionist approach at a national, organizational or territorial level with reference to science and technology, and attempt to enhance their social dimension by engaging the public during the upstream, midstream or downstream stage of the research process. The target social dimension is actually seen as the proper means to create a common vision, which unifies the (tacit) assumptions, societal concerns and ethical values of the new science and technology for society (Krabbenborg and Mulder, 2015). We would like to invite scholars to share with us their theories/experiences on whether public engagement in science can prove to be realistic for succeeding in including ethical concerns to the transformational agendas of Society, Organisations and Governments. Empirical papers describing and/or assessing case studies and initiatives that engage the public to scientific processes and development of technological products are also welcome in this track.

If interested…

In the event of any questions, simply contact George Eleftherakis and Maria Michalis, the SEERC staff members who are organising this track.

The deadline for initial submission is the 21st of December 2020. More information on submitting papers and the descriptions of all tracks are available at this webpage. For a look at the most recent edition’s proceedings, please see here.

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