ETHNA System report on governance practices in R&I

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ETHNA System report on governance practices in R&I

On the 9th of February 2021, the partners of the project ETHNA released a report on good governance practices in pursuit of Responsible Research and Innovation.

This 82-page report has been prepared by ten partners coming from eight different European countries and provides a comprehensive overview of governance theory and practice in R&I, a map of good practices, and interviews with European experts on R&I innovation and RRI-related topics. The goal of their report is to present some of the governance options – or building blocks – available when constructing the ETHNA System, conceptually as well as practically speaking. Arie Rip’s conception of de-facto governance (“bottom-up actions, strategies and interactions add up to outcomes at the collective level”) has guided the selection of examples in this report.

The report chose not to indicate which of the selected cases qualify as good governance practices for the purpose of constructing the ETHNA system. However, the authors suggest that selecting relevant practices could be guided by criteria for good governance put forward for the R&I sector in the ETHNA System project, which are those of being ethical and effective.

The project’s general goal is to implement and enforce an RRI-inspired internal management and procedural system within 6 European Higher Education, Funding and Research Centres.

Click here to read the complete report.

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