Central Macedonia: Regional Gender Equality Plan

Issue addressed:

The participation of women in STEM science is marked by under-representation and social exclusion. This can be translated to the R&I management staff in academic and industrial sectors where women are also under-represented.

Addressing Gender Equality issues, the plan developed as part of the experiment will address  matters contributing to gender inequality (practices which inhibit equal access and opportunities for women) drawing on experience related to under-represented minorities and disabled people.

Emilia Romagna: inserting RRI in RIS3

Issue addressed:

Using Science Education and Public Engagement, the region of Emilia Romagna expects to develop a methodology on how to include RRI keys in the formulation of its regional strategy for research and innovation – RIS3.

With science education, the region will combine research and training policies to understand how certain professional profiles can be attracted to enhance training actors in the process of defining and monitoring RIS3.

With public engagement, the region will create a procedure that allows the opening up of RIS3 phases (from design to monitoring) to social stakeholders allowing stable dialogue with civil society and the people they represent.

Trøndelag: establishing permanent dialogue

Issue addressed:

Trøndelag’s sparsely populated areas will be addressed by the introduction of territorial RRI aiming to bridge the gap between the surrounding areas and Trondheim – a knowledge intensive town with Norway’s largest university (NTNU).

The experiment seeks to establish a permanent dialogue between Trøndelag region’s local business parks and the University (NTNU).

North East-Romania: developing a consultative tool for agenda setting in local mountain communities

Issue addressed:

North East Romania possesses a significant mountain population, who have their own specific needs and assets. The experiment seeks to develop and adopt a local consultative tool that allows agenda setting at the local level with the assistance of a platform for innovation brokerage between local innovators and facilitators.

Municipality of Gabrovo: engaging the public in a plan for innovation

Issue addressed:

Gabrovo’s innovation eco-system lacks public engagement regarding S3 implementation. This leads to insufficient knowledge and weak initiatives of local businesses for active use of the available funding opportunities.

The territorial experiment will consider how to implement concrete measures to support the Municipal Public Engagement Plan. This will strengthen public engagement with the local S3, currently under construction.