Municipality of Gabrovo: the new Smart Specialisation Strategy will be ready by the end of the year

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Municipality of Gabrovo: the new Smart Specialisation Strategy will be ready by the end of the year

Gabrovo Municipality, in the framework of the TeRRItoria project, is carrying out an experiment which aims to increase public engagement in its Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) development and to promote science education.

The new Gabrovo S3 has two main priorities: improve the economic environment of the municipality, stimulate the innovative potential of the region and improve the connection between academia/VET education and SMEs. The staff of Gabrovo municipality would like to increase and create better conditions for innovation infrastructure through development of ICT, network and digitalization.

To have a more attractive business environment, Gabrovo is working on three main areas:

  1. Boosting the local economy – the municipality is investing into innovative infrastructure to increase the competitiveness of local companies;
  2. Science and education – increase the connections among technological centres, university and companies and bridging the gap between the education and business
  3. Digitalisation – introducing digital approach into the administrative and public relations and encouraging the business to adopt it as well. Local stakeholders are involved in the process of S3  development, providing feedback, suggestions and ideas.. In this process, the Regional Innovation Center Ambitious Gabrovo is also involved. The final goal is Gabrovo to evolve as a  Smart City where it is possible to transfer technological solutions and innovations from well established businesses and R&I centers to the emerging businesses and start-ups. This exchange of know-how would motivate young people to pursue their career within local business community and not migrate elsewhere.

The new S3 should be ready by the end of November but the Gabrovo Municipality might face some problem caused by the political instability. Bulgaria already had two national elections in 2021 yet unfortunately, there is no government yet. This will affect the approval of the S3 national operative document, as Gabrovo Municipality is depending on it to start putting everything in action.

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