Project meeting in Bologna

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Project meeting in Bologna

Last 27-28-29 November, ART-ER (Attractiveness Research Territory) organized in Bologna (Italy) the TeRRItoria Workshop on Territorial RRI and the project meeting of the TeRRItoria project with the participation of all project partners.

WP 4 Workshop on territorial RRI

The afternoon of the 27th and the morning of the 28th November were dedicated to a workshop which aimed at sharing within the consortium a preliminary understanding of what Territorial RRI is in concrete. Therefore, the project partners reflected on how RRI can be adapted to a territorial context, in order to have a common understanding for the design, the implementation and the evaluation of the five transformative experiments that will take place next year. The above-mentioned aim was addressed through a set of specific objectives such the identification of synergies and differences between territorial RRI and the R&I ecosystem in the territories. The last session of the afternoon was dedicated to the third parties involved in the project: four regional development agencies (RDAs). They briefly held presentations about their activities with the aim of arousing curiosity in order to establish future collaboration and pairings for the future with the representatives of the five experiments foreseen by the TeRRItoria project.

The first day of the workshops was dedicated to reflecting and discussing the territorial RRI concept, while the second day of the workshop was focused on better defining and fine tuning, the transformative experiments in the five territories.

Project meeting

On the 28th afternoon and in the morning of the 29th November, the project meeting took place. This was a great opportunity to discuss about the project progress and the future challenges that the consortium will have to face. All the deliverables already produced were deeply discussed and analysed. The session dedicated to the transformative experiments focused on the presentation of the plan of the co-creation process for the upcoming 7 months. This session generated a very interesting discussion and excellent food for thought for the realization of the five experiments.

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