The Region of Central Macedonia Gender Equality Plan

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The Region of Central Macedonia Gender Equality Plan

The Region of Central Macedonia (RCM) and the South East European Centre (SEERC) have developed the “Gender Equality Plan for the R&I field in the Region of Central Macedonia” under the Deliverable 5.1 of the TeRRItoria project.

The plan has been developed under a co-design strategy that engaged Quadruple Helix actors (academia/ research representatives, industry and businesses, government actors, civil society representatives including citizens).  The co-designing process included workshops, consultation activities and informative public events.

The plan starts with an introduction on the state-of-art of Gender Equality in Europe and at a national level concerning the country of the corresponding territory, which is Greece. It further analyses the topic of gender imbalances in the Greek R&I field and expresses the region’s commitment to tackle and respond to those challenges. The objectives of the regional GEP have been shaped within the context of addressing gender related challenges in R&I.  These challenges are horizontally associated with the organizational structures and institutional image of the R&I organization. Vertically, the challenges evolve around the entire course of an individual in the R&I fields and organizations, starting from the hiring procedures and provision of equal opportunities, and reaching up to working conditions and professional recognition in middle/senior career stages.

The main Strategic areas of the regional Gender Equality Plan are:

Strategic Area 1:    Female Career Progression

Strategic Area 2:    Gendered Science

Strategic Area 3:    Confronting Social and Cultural Stereotypes – Challenging Horizontal Segregation

Strategic Area 4:    Projection of Female Role Models – Appropriate scientific communication

Strategic Area 5:    Gender-neutral (and/or gender-sensitive) Language in Institutional Communication and Dissemination

Strategic Area 6:    Work-life Balance

Strategic Area 7:    Addressing Sexual Harassment and Gender-based Violence

Strategic Area 8:    Raising Awareness on Gender Issues

The plan also includes an informative and indicative guide on monitoring indicators (quantitative and qualitative) and gender-sensitive evaluation criteria and evaluative questions. The GEP document can function as a template based on which the regional actors and institutions can develop their own self-tailored Gender Equality Plans.

In order to read and download the Gender Equality Plan for the R&I field in the Region of Central Macedonia, click here.

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