Workshop on recruitment to the districts

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Participants from TeRRItoria in Trøndelag are planning joint actions for recruiting highly educated people to the districts.

On the 25th of June nearly 20 participants from NTNU, Trøndelag County Council, the Røros Region Business Garden, iNam (Innovation Namdal) and Namsos Municipality gathered from different locations in Trondheim, Røros, and Namsos in an online meeting. The objective for the meeting was to provide input on specific measures for an experiment this autumn.

To recruit people with higher education is a challenge in rural areas. Røros Region Business Garden and iNam are partners in the experiment and will now participate in testing different ways to recruit highly educated people.

The experiment will be carried out by NTNU and Trøndelag County Council based on the challenge that there is too little contact between the parts of the county with lower population density and the Trondheim area, where most higher education takes place. The experiment also aims to test new forms of cooperation and to develop a new policy for cooperation between the business gardens and the university (NTNU).

Possible actions

Over the course of the workshop, the district’s challenges and experiences were shared. Both at Røros and in Namsos, there is good experience in using trainee programmes as a recruitment tool for recent graduates. One possibility is to use the TeRRItoria collaboration to further develop the trainee programme in Trøndelag.

It is desirable to find ways of linking trainees and businesses in the districts closer to the educational institutions in the region. Effective collaboration between supervisors and other key persons at the educational institutions and the business gardens in the districts could be a success factor.

One of the goals of the experiment is to test new ways of collaboration, not just develop further what already exists. The experiment, featuring different actions, will start just after the summer holidays.

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