Understanding RRI-oriented institutional change

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Understanding RRI-oriented institutional change

The Responsible Research & Innovation project GRACE is organising an online event on the 1st of December 2020 from 9:30 to 11:30 to facilitate understanding of RRI-oriented institutional change.  

This event aims to introduce the concept of RRI, its 5+1 pillars, and its potential benefits, as well as the main steps needed to achieve institutional change enabling RRI practices. Experts in the field and organisations actively pursuing institutional change are invited to share their views and experiences on the process. Special focus and practical examples will be given to the pillars of Research Ethics and Integrity and of Gender Equality. In line with that, it will provide insights into the new requirement of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) for Horizon Europe projects.   


09:30 – Greetings – Nicolas WALTER (ESF) 

09:35 - Introduction to RRI and GRACE – Ildi IPOLYI (ESF) 

09:40 – Concept of RRI and Institutional Change 

10:00 – ESF roadmaps towards Institutional change on RRI – Eugenia VILARCHAO (ESF) 

10:15 – Q&A session 

10:25 – Coffee Break 

10:40 – Gender Equality actions in Europe – Maria SANGIULIANO (Smart Venice) 

11:00 – Research ethics and Integrity 

11.20 – Q&A session 

If interested in the event, please click here to register.  

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